Ju Jitsu - a Martial Art for the 21st Century

Ju Jitsu is more than learning to fight. Ju Jitsu is about many things, such as:

Training in martial arts will improve your confidence and you will become much less of a victim. This is called "hardening the target". You will learn techniques for self-defence in threatening or aggressive situations at Dartford Ju Jitsu Club.

Monday 10 July

Sorry to inform you, we have just been told (Friday afternoon) that the school will be shut and we can't hold our classes. Please do not turn up, and we look forward to seeing you the following Monday. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Summer Holiday 2023

The last Monday class before the summer break is Monday 31 July. We will be back on Monday 4 September.

Sensei Stuart is continuing some of his Saturday morning classes in the downstairs gym through August and students are welcome to attend.

Students are always welcome to attend on Saturday as well as Monday.

Ju Jitsu Class Times

We can announce that we resumed both junior and senior classes in September. Our Monday class is as follows:

7.00-8.00pm Juniors

8.00-9.30pm Seniors

There is additionally a class run by Sensei Stuart Rogers on Saturday mornings 9.30-10.30am. This class will be in the ground floor hall under the dance studio.

We are relaxing our rules to allow access but we wish to be cautious.

1. Please do not attend if you or anyone in your household is unwell, or self-isolating.

2. Please arrive dressed for training and do not bring stuff you do not need.

3. Please bring your own bottle of water, we can't guarantee the school's water fountain will be operational.

We respectfully ask for need all monies to be paid by standing order where possible. We look forward to a safe Ju Jitsu.

2023 Class Times


Junior Class 7.00-8.00 pm.
Senior class 8.00-9.30 pm.


One Class 9.30-10.30.


You can pay fees by standing order. See instructor for details - get a discount.


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"I don't want to fight, so why should I learn a martial art?"

If you explore a little deeper you will soon find out that learning martial arts doesn't mean you will want to pick fights. What you can learn are life-skills, a positive attitude that will carry you forward in whatever you do.

There are techniques that work particularly well on the street or in a work environment. There are techniques that form the art and science of Ju Jitsu. All are challenging in different ways and satisfying to achieve. You can learn all this and more at Dartford Ju Jitsu Club

Still with us? Good. Read on to see if Dartford Ju Jitsu is right for you, and (just as importantly) are you right for Dartford Ju Jitsu.

The hardest part is stepping on to the mat for the first time. Have you got what it takes?

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Class warm up in dojo

In the light of recent violent attacks on women, this link to a .pdf by Gavin De Becker, from "The Gift of Fear" covers trusting your instincts and how to handle a man who won't take no for an answer. Recommended read on Personal Safety. Free download. https://fb2bookfree.com/uploads/files/2020-10/1602551171_the-gift-of-fear.pdf

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We have a broad mix of ages and abilities, male and female students in our Senior Class, as well as in our Junior Class.