Ju Jitsu - a Martial Art for the 21st Century

Ju Jitsu is more than learning to fight. Ju Jitsu is about many things, such as:

Training in martial arts will improve your confidence and you will become much less of a victim. This is called "hardening the target". You will learn techniques for self-defence in threatening or aggressive situations at Dartford Ju Jitsu Club.

Important Notice

2018 Christmas Break

We will be closed for the holidays after the class on 10 December and will return on 7 January 2019.


You can pay fees by standing order. See instructor for details - get a discount.

T-shirts with embroidered emblem available, also have the emblem embroidered directly on to your gi. See instructor for details.

Please note that we have NO connection with Dartford Judo Club.

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"I don't want to fight, so why should I learn a martial art?"

If you explore a little deeper you will soon find out that learning martial arts doesn't mean you will want to pick fights. What you can learn are life-skills, a positive attitude that will carry you forward in whatever you do.

There are techniques that work particularly well on the street or in a work environment. There are techniques that form the art and science of Ju Jitsu. All are challenging in different ways and satisfying to achieve. You can learn all this and more at Dartford Ju Jitsu Club

Still with us? Good. Read on to see if Dartford Ju Jitsu is right for you, and (just as importantly) are you right for Dartford Ju Jitsu.

The hardest part is stepping on to the mat for the first time. Have you got what it takes?

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